Closed loop system motors

Metaris closed loop system motor

The closed loop system motors from Metaris are an excellent alternative for the Sauer Serie 20 type SMF. They are interchangeable.

MetarisDisplacementWorking pressure continuous upto:
MF-2033,3 cc/rev420 bar
MF-2151,6 cc/rev420 bar
MF-2269,8 cc/rev420 bar
MF-2389 cc/rev420 bar
MF-24118,7 cc/rev420 bar
MF-25165,8 cc/rev420 bar
MF-26227,3 cc/rev420 bar
MF-27333,7 cc/rev420 bar

Spare parts for closed loop system motors

We are able to supply spare parts for the Sauer Serie 20 type SMF and Metaris MF Motors as well.

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