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Multi Disk Brake


Ausco invented the technology in the 1970’s and is still leading with innovation. The spring-applied hydraulic released multi-disc brakes are used in many configurations, hydraulic and electric.  Featuring wet or dry designs with standard and specialty splines, these compact brakes deliver reliable dynamic (service) and static (parking) torque to suit nearly any application.  Put your safety in the hands of Ausco.

Multi Disk Brakes

The selection tool below will help you choose the right brake.

Ausco multi disk brakes

Part NumberMount InputMount OutputTypeShaft InputShaft OutputStatic Torque (lbs)Weight (lbs)
103029SAE ASAE ADRY1" KEY1" KEY4.00025Data Sheet
103028SAE ASAE ADRY6T6T4.00025Data Sheet
76971SAE ASAE ADRY1.25" KEY1.25" KEY5.60032Data Sheet
78391SAE ASAE AWET14T14T7.00034Data Sheet
75835SAE ASAE BDRY6T13T2.60030Data Sheet
75840SAE ASAE BDRY6T6T3.20030Data Sheet
75845SAE ASAE BDRY6T6T3.80030Data Sheet
75850SAE ASAE BDRY6T13T3.80030Data Sheet
75110SAE ASAE BWET6T13T2.60026Data Sheet
72120SAE ASAE BWET6T6T3.80026Data Sheet
75125SAE ASAE BWET6T13T3.80026Data Sheet
76928SAE ASAE CWET14T14T9.00045Data Sheet
78299SAE ASAE CWET6T14T9.00045Data Sheet
86663SAE ASAE CWET WITH SERVICE6T14T7.10050Data Sheet
75805SAE BSAE BDRY13T13T1.80028Data Sheet
76470SAE BSAE BDRY13T13T2.60028Data Sheet
75815SAE BSAE BDRY13T13T3.20028Data Sheet
75820SAE BSAE BDRY15T15T3.20028Data Sheet
75825SAE BSAE BDRY13T13T3.80028Data Sheet

105265SAE BSAE BDRY15T15T3.20028Data Sheet
75225SAE BSAE BWET13T13T1.80025Data Sheet
75145SAE BSAE BWET15T15T2.00024Data Sheet
75230SAE BSAE BWET13T13T2.60024Data Sheet
75130SAE BSAE BWET13T13T3.20025Data Sheet
75255SAE BSAE BWET15T15T3.20025Data Sheet
75260SAE BSAE BWET13T13T3.80024Data Sheet
83642SAE BSAE BWET WITH SERVICE13T13T3.20025Data Sheet
37255SAE BSAE BDRY14T14T9.00046Data Sheet
76929SAE C 2 BOLTSAE C 2 BOLTWET14T14T9.00041Data Sheet
75631SAE CSAE C DRY14T14T4.00046Data Sheet
75632SAE CSAE CDRY14T14T5.40046Data Sheet

75635SAE CSAE CDRY14T14T7.20046Data Sheet
75633SAE CSAE CDRY14T14T9.00046Data Sheet
76263SAE CSAE CWET14T14T2.20039Data Sheet
76264SAE CSAE CWET14T14T3.30039Data Sheet
75626SAE CSAE CWET14T14T4.00040Data Sheet
75627SAE CSAE CWET14T14T5.40040Data Sheet
103428SAE CSAE CWET14T14T6.50040Data Sheet
75629SAE CSAE CWET14T14T7.20041Data Sheet
75628SAE CSAE CWET 14T 14T9.00040Data Sheet
76208SAE CSAE CWET14T14T12.50048Data Sheet

78018SAE CSAE DWET14T13T6.10046Data Sheet
85400SAE CSAE CWET14T7.40041Data Sheet
74165SAE CSAE CWET WITH SERVICE14T14T5.40058Data Sheet
86664SAE CSAE CWET WITH SERVICE14T14T7.10047Data Sheet
82124SAE DSAE CDRY13T14T5.00053Data Sheet
81840SAE DSAE DDRY13T13T8.40053Data Sheet
81841SAE DSAE DDRY13T13T12.00053Data Sheet
76351SAE DSAE DWET13T13T8.40054Data Sheet
76350SAE DSAE DWET13T13T12.00054Data Sheet
76349SAE DSAE DWET13T13T16.00054Data Sheet
76222SAE DSAE DWET13T13T20.00054Data Sheet
31276SAE D/ESAE D/EDRY13T13T9.800110Data Sheet
30070SAE D/ESAE D/EDRY13T13T17.800130Data Sheet
81831SMALL DRIVELINEWET10T10T18.00085Data Sheet
84490SMALL DRIVELINEWET10T10T25.00095Data Sheet
80695SMALL DRIVELINEWET34T34T25.70089Data Sheet
79622LARGE DRIVELINEWET36T36T44.000134Data Sheet
96569SHUTTLCARWET36T36T16.56095Data Sheet
926991218HUBWET SERVICE ONLY27T5 ON 4.531Data Sheet
930401218HUBWET SERVICE ONLY27T4 ON 4.031Data Sheet
1019891218HUBWET SERVICE ONLY27T4 ON 4.05.50042Data Sheet
1053131218HUBWET SERVICE ONLY27T5 ON 4.55.50042Data Sheet