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Hydrotechnik Particle Counter

Patrick the particle counter

Patrick is an optical particle monitor working according to the light-extinction principle. It can be used to monitor the impurity level and the purity trend of liquids very accurately. The purity classes can either be displayed according to ISO4406:99 or SAE AS4059E. The data transfer can be managed flexible via CAN or RS 232. If your PC does not have a RS 232 interface, you can transfer the data with an USB-to-RS232-adaptor.

Patrick enables diagnosis and controlling of the quality of the oil of hydraulic systems. As a condition monitoring instrument, it completes the product portfolio from Hydrotechnik. Condition Monitoring is the supervision of the status of a machine or plant, to draw conclusions on the demand for maintenance or repair measures from the changing of certain parameters. This allows planning such measures exactly and possibly reducing downtimes significantly.