Axial piston variable intermediate pressure

CML V** series (Yeoshe)

Variable piston pump, available with side or rear connections. 

This pump is an alternative for the Sauer OPV1 pumps and the  Voac V1pumps. Different parts and the control can be used in Sauer OPV1 pumps. 

We have these pumps available from stock !

Documentation: yeoshe-v-serie.pdf

Model alternative to Sauer alternative to VOAC  displacement maximum working pressure see page doc.

(download above)

VR15 OPV1 / 015 V1/015 15 cc / rev 250 bar       69
V23 OPV1 / 023 V1/023 23 cc / rev 250 bar       53
V38 OPV1 / 038 V1/038 37.8 cc / rev 250 bar       61
V50 OPV1 / 052 V1/052 51.5 cc / rev 250 bar        65
V70 OPV1 / 070 V1/070 69.7 cc / rev 250 bar        65
Controls: Pressure compensator A (RNU)
Remote pressure compensator CG (RNF)
Loadsensing HL (RQN)

Continental HPV (R) series

CONTINENTAL variable piston pump, with standard rear connections, optional side connections.

Variable piston pump, standard with rear connection, optional side connections.

Through drive pumps are available.

Low noise level, high efficiency.

100% alternative for the DENISON PV-pumps.

The HPV-series will gradually be replaced by the HPVR-series this year. This new series piston pump with have a better set of bearings and can go up to a higher pressure.

Following pumps have so far been released: HPVR-6, HPVR-15 and HPVR-29. There are differences in size between the old HPV-pump  and the new HPVR-pump, but flange and shaft remain the  same. After release of the new pump, the old pump will no longer be available.

Peak pressure of the new HPV-R series: 275 bar.

100% alternative for the DENISON PV-pumps: More information (pdf)

Differences between HPV and HPVR series: PDF

Model code Alternative to Denison  displacement continuous operating pressure Doc.
HPVR-6B35 PV6 14.4 cc / rev 241 bar   pdf
HPV-10B35 PV10 21.1 cc / rev 241 bar
HPVR-15B35 PV15 34.2 cc / rev 241 bar   pdf
HPV-20B35 PV20 42.9 cc / rev 241 bar
HPVR-29B40 PV29 65 cc / rev 275 bar   pdf
Possible controls: Pressure compensator, Denison C-controller
Loadsense regulator, Denison L-regulator
Compensator remotely adjustable, Denison F-controller

Metaris M-A10V-serie

METARIS variable piston pump  standard with side, optional rear connections

Through drive possible, SAE or ISO mounting flange. 100% Interchangeable with Rexroth A10V(S)O pump, parts 100% interchangeable as well.

Download pdf

implementation Metaris alternative to Rexroth series engine displacement continuous operating pressure peak Press
M-A10V(S)O18 A10V(S)O18 31 18 cc / rev 280 bar 350 bar
M-A10V(S)O28 A10V(S)O28 31 28 cc / rev 280 bar 350 bar
M-A10V(S)O45 A10V(S)O45 31 45 cc / rev 280 bar 350 bar
M-A10V(S)O45 A10V(S)O45 52 45 cc / rev 250 bar 315 bar
M-A10V(S)O60 A10V(S)O60 52 60 cc / rev 250 bar 315 bar
M-A10V(S)O71 A10V(S)O71 31 71 cc / rev 280 bar 350 bar
M-A10V(S)O100 A10V(S)O100 31 100 cc / rev 280 bar 350 bar
M-A10V(S)O140 A10V(S)O140 31 140 cc / rev 280 bar 350 bar
arrangements: pressure compensator DR
Distance adjustable pressure compensator DRG
Loadsensing DFR / DFR1
power control DFRL
By building performance TO**

PVB Pumps

Metaris variable piston pump with rear connections, 100% exchangeable with the Vickers PVB pump Compensator options:  pressure compensator or with loadsense control.

 Fast delivery times.

More information (pdf)

Modelnumber Vickers

Modelnumber Metaris


Working pressure



10,55 cc/rev

210 bar



13,81 cc/rev

140 bar



21,1 cc/rev

210 bar



33,0 cc/rev

140 bar



42,8 cc/rev

210 bar



61,6 cc/rev

140 bar

Compensator options: pressure compensator C(M) or with Loadsense CVP

Metaris also offers the parts, such as rotating groups, yokes, sealkits etc. Parts can be used for the repair of the original Vickers pump as well.

Parts can be delivered with a very short lead times!

Variable piston pump series M-PVH, displacement up to 131 cc/rev., 250 bar

The Metaris alternative for the Vickers PVH piston pump;  R&S can deliver the complete pump as well as the parts (including parts for the PVH141). The parts can also be mounted in the original Vickers pump. The complete pump is 100% interchangeable.

R&S Hydrauliek can deliver the complete units with pressure compensator or with a  loadsense control, with or without thru-drive connection.

Fast delivery times.

More information (pdf)

Model nr. Vickers

Model nr. Metaris


Working pressure



57,4 cc/rev

250 bar



73,7 cc/rev

250 bar



98,3 cc/rev

250 bar



106,0 cc/rev

250 bar



131,1 cc/rev

250 bar

Available compensators:  pressure compensator, loadsense; option: thru-drive

Onderdelen voor plunjerpompen

More information (pdf)

Parts for A10V(S)O pumps like seal kits, rotating groups, valve plates etc. often ex stock.

Parts for PVB and PVH pumps within some working days