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Vane pumps Vickers style (Metaris)

Metaris vane pumps

Metaris vane pumps are 100% interchangeable with the Vickers vane pumps.  The parts such as cartridges, shafts and seal kits are also 100% interchangeable. Below is a list of the Metaris alternatives for Vickers vane pumps

Download documentation Metaris vane pumps (pdf)

Stock program: Metaris alternative for Vickers: 

  • M-V10 Series - V10 series Vickers 
  • M-V20 Series - V20 series Vickers 
  • M-20V (Q) series - 20V (Q) series Vickers 
  • M-25V (Q) series - 25V (Q) series Vickers 
  • M-35V (Q) series - 35V (Q) series Vickers 
  • M-45V (Q) series - 45V (Q) series Vickers 
  • M-V2010 series - V2010 series Vickers 
  • M-V2020 series - V2020 series Vickers 
  • M -2520V (Q) series - 2520V (Q) series Vickers 
  • M-3520V (Q) series - 3520V (Q) series Vickers 
  • M-3525V (Q) series - 3525V (Q) series Vickers 
  • M-4520V (Q) series - 4520V (Q) series Vickers 
  • M-4525v, (Q) series - 4525v, (Q) series Vickers

There are more options; if the type you are looking for is not listed here, please ask!

Vicker-style vane pump parts

For the most types of single, double and triple vane pumps, the following parts are available from stock:

  • Complete cartridge kits for V10, V20, 25V and VQ; 35V and VQ; 45V and VQ pumps and double pumps
  • Camrings
  • Shaft and Bearings
  • Seal kits in standard version Buna-N and Viton

More information (pdf)