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Variabele vane pumps

Through Continental Hydraulics and CML, R&S Hydrauliek can supply variable vane pumps. The PVR series pumps are available in the range 11 to 162 cc/r, with working pressures to a maximum of 160 bar, depending on the model.

The PVX-series is also available with a maximum of 160 cc/r, with a working pressure to a maximum of 160 bar, depending on the model. Both models can be equipped with a choice of controls CML supply low cost variable vane pumps with a maximum pressure up to 70 bar, single and double pumps versions.

Continental variable vane pump

Via Continental Hydraulics, R & S Hydraulics delivers variable vane pumps. The PVR series can be supplied from 11 to 162 cc / rev with a working pressure depending on the design up to max. 160 bar.

The PVX-series is also up to 160 cc / rev, with a maximum pressure of up to max. 220 bar, depending on the model. In both series of pumps, various controls are possible.

Variable vane pump PVR Download documentation (pdf)

Variable vane pump  PVX  Download documentation (pdf)

CML variable vane pump

R&S can deliver the CML variable vane pumps, max. pressure 70 bar

These pumps are available as a single pump or as a double pump, model codes: VCM-SF … en VCM-DF …

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