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Pressure control valves

Pressure relief valves series VR4V

Pressure relief valve, pilot operated, continuous pressure 350 bar.

Very stable performance, temperature range up to 110, 210 or 350 bar.

Possible with a sandwich  mounted electrical relief valve.

100% interchangeable with the Denison valves.

model numberMountingSizenominal flowmaximum flowDownload doc.
VR4V03-59Subplate versionplate assembly60 l / min90 l / minpdf
VR4V03-56Threaded T-bodyG 1/2”³60 l / min90 / I
VR4V06-59Subplate versionplate assembly200 l / min300 l / minpdf
VR4V06-5DThreaded bodyG 3/4”³200 l / min300 / I
VR4V06-56Threaded T-bodyG 1”³200 l / min300 / I
VR4V10-59Subplate versionmounting plate450 / I600 l / minpdf
VR4V10-5DThreaded bodyG 1 1/4”³450 / I600 l / min
Sandwich mounted electrical relief valve    
V-VV01-311normally open   pdf
V-VV01-321normally closed   
Also available as: reducing valve (VR4R), unloading valve (VR4U) and sequence valve (VR4S)

Pressure relief valves series VR5V

Pilot operated pressure relief valve, SAE flange (for direct mounting on the pump)

Very stable valve, pressure setting ranges 110, 210 or 350 bar

Possibility of a solenoid operated venting valve (NO/NC), 100% interchangeable with the (Parker) Denison valves.

model numberMountingmax. pressuresizenominal flowmaximum flowDownload doc.
VR5V06-593- port flange350 barSAE 61-3 / 4 "60 l / min90 l / minpdf
VR5V08-593- port flange350 barSAE 61-1 "200 l / min300 l / minpdf
VR5V10-493- port flange280 barSAE 61-1 1/4 "450 l / min600 l / minpdf
VR5V12-393- port flange210 barSAE 61-1 1/2 "450 l / min600 l / minpdf
VR5V12-63- port flange350 barSAE 62-1 1/2 "450 l / min600 l / minpdf
Between Construction electric relief valve
V-VV01-311normally open350 barpdf
V-VV01-321normally closed350 bar
Also available as pressure relief (VR5U) or sequence valve (VR5S)