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Gear pumps

On gear units, R&S has the following products to offer:

The CONCENTRIC (Till 2013 the HALDEX) program, which is the old Vickers (J.S. Barnes)gear product range. This range consists of a wide variety of aluminium gear pumps and motors, with a number of mounting flange possibilities. Multiple pumps, cast iron units, rotary flow dividers, compact units with AC and DC electric motors and complete solutions for fandrives etcetera.

Through Weser R&S offers an alternative for cast iron gear pumps and motors which have been taken out of production by Commercial, Hamworthy, Dowty etcetera. Weser can often offer a solution where mounting flange, shaft and connections are 100% interchangeable with the old unit. Most of the time these units can be supplied within a few days.

Metaris offers an alternative for the Commercial gear pumps, different series, as single, double /tripple pumps or pump with thru-drive and Motos.

Cast Iron Gear pumps and Motors.

Cast Iron Gear pumps.

Produced as single-, double- and thru-drive pumps.

100% alternative for the Commercial Gear Pumps

Please check the possibilities in overview below Fast delivery times!!

Metaris design
Altern. Commercial
Max. working pressureMounting flange
Shaft possibilities (keyed and spline)
MHP15 P1511,4 – 44,2140 barSAE-A2, B2 SAE-B, SAE-C
16,1 – 64,6207 barSAE-A2, SAE-B2, SAE-B4, SAE-B2 /B4SAE-A, SAE-B (B) van SAE-C
MHP25 P25 31,3 – 104,5175 barSAE-B2, SAE-B4, SAE-C2, SAEC4, SAE-B (B), SAE-C, spec.
MHP30 (31)P30 (31) 16,1 – 64,6207 barSAE-A2, SAE-B2, SAE-B4, SAE-C4 SAE-A, SAE-B (B), SAE-C
MHP315P315 7,70 – 40,6245 barSAE-A2, SAE-A4, SAE-B2SAE-A, SAE-B
MHP330P330 16,22- 64,6245 barSAE-B2, SAE-B4, SAE-C4SAE-B (B), SAE-C
MHP350 P350 20,5 – 104,5245 barSAE-B2, SAE-B4, SAE-B2 / 4, SAE-C2, SAE-C4SAE-B (B), SAE-C
MHP365P36544,2 – 147,5245 barSAE-B2, SAE-B4, SAE-C2, SAE-C4SAE-C
MHP37P3736,8 – 151,8140 barSAE-B4, SAE-C2, SAE-C4 SAE-B, SAE-C, spec.
MHP50 (51)P50 (51)20,9 – 104,5175/207 barSAE-A2, SAE-B2, SAE-B4, SAE-C2, SAE-C4SAE-B (B), SAE-C
MHP75 (76)P75 (76)50,28 – 201172 / 207SAE-B4, SAE-C2, SAE-C4, SAE-D4SAE-C


Haldex, since 2013 named Concentric, has a wide product range of gear pumps and motors. Below you can find an overview of the most current part of the program, with the option of downloading the Haldex information. If you need more information, please contact us.

Aluminium gear pumpSeries WP030,8 – 5,7 cc/revmax 255 bardownload info
Series WP095 – 31 cc/revmax 275 bardownload info
Series WQ095-23 cc/revmax 230 barquiet designdownload info
Series WP1519-50 cc/revmax 275 bar download info
Aluminium gear motorSeries WM096-31 cc/revmax 275 bar download info
Cast Iron gear pumpSerie G2523-87 cc/revmax 210 bar not deliverable anymore, alternativesdownload info
Cast Iron internal gear GPA 1,7-63,6 cc/rev 100 bar Uitlopenddownload info
Rotary flowdividers up to 13,3 cc/rev 207 bar download info
Motor/pump combinations  HE units up to 5,7 cc/revdownload info

Weser pumpen

Weser Pumps is a German supplier for cast iron gear pumps and motors

Alternative for Commercial, Dowty, Vickers, Hamworthy etc.

Max. displacement till 200 cc/rev. Thru-drive pumps are deliverable too.

Short delivery times !

Bucher internal gear pumps

Displacements from  5 cc/r up to max. 498 cc/r, continuous working pressure up to 320 bar

Available in three pressure ranges:

  • Pressure range 1: 10-498 cc/rev, operating pressure up to continuous: 100-160 bar).
  • pressure range 2: 5-249 cc/rev, continuous operating pressure up to 210 bar.
  • Pressure range 3: 5-249 cc/rev, continuous operating pressure up to 320 bar, intermittent: 400 bar.

Documentation: down load pdf

Features of the pump:

  •  Extremely long service life.
  •  Extremely low noise level.
  •  High volumetric efficiency.
  •  Suitable for use with variable speed drives.
  •  Low flow and pressure pulsations.
  •  Double pumps with one suction connection and triple pumps with 2 suction connections.
  •  Pump has a standard ISO mounitng flange and shaft (Metric measurements), option: SAE shaft and mounting flange.

Bucher Internal gear pumps can be delivered suitable for Atex 2 application.